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"We have 3 puppies--2 boxers that weigh about 80 pounds and a lab puppy going on 50 pounds:-)  Needless to say, we have a lot of 'waste' in the back yard.
I work full time and would rather spend time playing and running with my pups than cleaning up their poop. Poop Away has made that possible. They are very dependable and very organized. I appreciate what they do so I can spend quality time with my puppies!
Carol B.- Raleigh,NC

"After having a friend tell me how pleased he was with his Poop Away service, I decided to give it a try.  Now instead of a backyard that my husband and I can't enjoy because of the "piles", I have the mess taken away by Poop Away.
Completely professional work and I never have to think about the "pile" problem again.
Mary R. - Raleigh,NC

"Poop Away Service is an extremely great service.With our convenient clean up day, we are able to spend our weekends doing things in our yard that we want to do, as oppose to the things we have to do that we dislike so much.  Furthermore, we are now able to run and play with our dog with a much more carefree attitude!  We no longer have to worry about stepping in his waste, which is such a relief!  We greatly appreciate their service and their dedication to make sure we are all a happy household!"
Julie B. - Raleigh,NC

"I found this service by lucky accident on google search. We have a small
fenced in back yard that the dogs use, and thanks to POOPAWAY, we can finally enjoy it again without being inundated with smell and doggie landmines. This is (very little) money well spent! I highly recommend this service to anyone that has pets"

Dave M. - Holly Springs,NC




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"We do our business after your pet does theirs"


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